Business development

We pave the way for those who dare

Courses and seminars

As a member you get access to exclusive seminars and courses in management, customer consulting, marketing, etc.


We analyze  the resources in your store and the local market. We uncover the opportunities of the store in a 360 degree analysis.


Based on a thorough analysis we develop a growth strategy for the development of the store together with the owner and the staff. 


As a member you can use our in-house marketing skills

Plug and Play

We provide ready-made marketing materials from our suppliers that can quickly and easily be integrated into your marketing.


Whether you want to advertise on social media or in the local weekly magazine, we are available with everything from advice to planning.

Counseling and assistance

We offer planning, counseling and assistance in your daily marketing activities

Financial management

Your growth is our focus

Financial Accounting

We provide accounting assistance with monthly and quarterly reports through external accounting agency.


We help you prepare a realistic and ambitious budget for your business.

Guaranteed payment

We handle and guarantee payment to the suppliers.


Get access to attractive brands, services and contracts

Attractive brands

Our partners supply a number of attractive and exclusive brands in frames, glasses, lenses and more.

Eyewear subscription

As a member, you can offer your customers an attractive eyewear subscriptions.


We negotiate attractive purchase prices on behalf of members by pooling their existing purchases.

Other services

We will service your entire business

Service Concept

We put together an action plan that ensures that your business provides a five star service


As a member you get access to attractive insurance solutions for your business and for your customers


When recruiting new employees / managers, finding the right match is crucial for your business. We’ll help you with that.

Shop fitting

We work with talented interior designers who create unique stores that stand out in the crowd and contribute to the good customer experience.

International network

The total purchasing volume from these stores ensures that our members achieve very favorable prices from central suppliers.